A A Concise Guide to Orthopaedic and Musculoskeletal by Chris E. Wiggins MD

By Chris E. Wiggins MD

This easy-to-use guide is a timesaving advisor to assigning musculoskeletal impairment rankings for workers reimbursement, own damage, and incapacity claims. It follows many of the ideas within the American scientific Association's courses to the review of everlasting Impairment and provides those guidance in quick-reference tabular layout for busy clinicians. part One summarizes the methods and terminology of impairment ranking. part includes ranking tables for the higher extremity, decrease extremity, backbone, pelvis, pores and skin, and discomfort. Appendices comprise tables for changing rankings from one physique half to a different and mixing a number of accidents.

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American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Manual for Orthopedic Surgeons = in Evaluating Permanent Physical Impairment. Chicago: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons; 1960. 3. Burton R. The Hand, Examination and Diagnosis. 3rd ed. New York: Church= ill Livingstone; 1990.

As a final step in any calculation that requires combining impairments, consult = Table 6-2 or Figure 6-1 to ensure that the maximum value is not exceeded. Co= nversion Tables Conversion tables are found in Appendix A. These are essential for converting from one scheduled item Table of Contentso:p 35 36 Table of Contentso:p (injured body part) to another. Su= mmary of Guidelines for Multiple Impairments The following list summarizes the rating guidelines for multiple impairments of the upper extremity.

5 cm of full extension) 75 8= 7= 4= MP joint in functional position (30°) 45 5= 5= 3= PIP joint in functional position (40°) 50 5= 5= 3= DIP joint in functional position (20°) 25 3= 3= 2= Ankylo= sis/surgi= cal fusion UE, upper extremity; WP, whole pers= on; TAM, total active motion; MP, metacarpophalangeal<= /span>; PIP, proximal interphalangeal; DIP, distal = interphalangeal. <= /span> = TABLE 6-10 Loss of Motion: Elbow 32 Table of Contentso:p Table of Contentso:p 33 Flexio= n-Extension<= /o:p> % UE<= /o:p> Pronation-Supination<= /o:p> % UE<= /o:p> Mild (10–110° flexion) 5= Mild (60° = pron; 60° sup) 2= Moderate (30–90°) 11 Moderate (40° pron; 40° sup) 5= Severe (40–80°) 14 Severe (20° pron; 20° sup) 7= Ankylo= sis/surgi= cal fusion in functional position (80° flexion) 21 Ankylo= sis/surgi= cal fusion in functional position (20° pron= ) 8= UE, upper extremity; pron, pronation; sup,= supination.

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