A Critical Rewriting of Global Political Economy: by V. Spike Peterson

By V. Spike Peterson

This publication rewrites international political economic climate by way of bringing disparate good points of globalization into relation and delivering an obtainable narrative of "how we acquired here," "what's going on," and "what it ability" from a serious vantage element.

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Assessments are shaped by whether and to what extent the rules of the game and its premises are taken for granted (as common sense) or contested (as ideological constructions). Globalization as an informational economy: meaning and effects Castells's discussion of the "information technology paradigm" helps to clarify the analytical challenges posed by new technologies (2000, 69-78). First, information is the raw material of the paradigm; "these are technologies to act on information, not just information to act on technology" as in earlier technological revolutions (70).

Fourth, flexibility is fundamental and includes the ability of the technological paradigm to "reconfigure . . [to turn] the rules upside down without destroying the organization" (71). Fifth, this technological revolution is marked by "growing convergence of specific technologies into a highly integrated system, within which old, separate technological trajectories become literally indistinguishable" (71-72). Of particular note is how this technological convergence blurs the boundary between the biological and microelectronic revolutions.

The first general shift - in employment and in trade - is from primary production and manufacturing to services and especially informational services. The second shift is toward greater flexibility in production processes. Worldwide, flexibilization is feminized, by reference to both degraded conditions of employment and women being sought as Context and objectives 19 employees; flexibilization is racialized and geopolitically differentiated by reference to concentrations of flexibilized jobs (among the urban lower class, migrants, and semi-peripheral countries).

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