A Mother's Secret by Dilly Court

By Dilly Court

Whilst seventeen-year-old Belinda Phillips falls in love with a good-looking Anglo-Indian officer, she is familiar with that he's a guy she will be able to by no means wish to marry. whilst he's pronounced lacking, believed killed in motion, Belinda discovers that she is pregnant. dealing with shame and smash, she has no choice except to simply accept an prepared marriage with a middle-aged widower, realizing she needs to hold the key of her kid's beginning for ever. Reluctantly she sends her liked daughter to a foster mom in Cripplegate, little realising she has entrusted Cassy's care to Biddy Henchard, a girl who runs a infamous child farm in a space filled with poverty and disorder. regardless of her poor upbringing, Cassy survives the outdated woman's merciless forget. all of the whereas she desires of a mom she hasn't ever identified, hoping she is going to come and keep her from her dreadful destiny. but if Biddy dies all of sudden, ten-year-old Cassy reveals herself destitute and with little desire of ever discovering the mum she so longs for...

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Walking like a blind woman with her free hand outstretched, she almost fell over a small body slumped on the pavement. A startled cry was wrenched from her lips as she stopped, thinking she had come across a corpse, which was not unusual in this part of London on a bitterly cold winter’s night, but the bundle of rags moved and unfolded its skinny limbs. When the child stood up he reached no higher than her waist. ‘Look out, you,’ he grumbled. ’ ‘I’m sorry,’ Mahdu said, breathlessly. ‘I couldn’t see you in this fog.

She fixed Cassy with a questioning stare as if expecting her to offer a benediction. ‘I dunno, missis,’ Cassy murmured, shuffling her bare feet on the cold flagstones. ‘None, I tells you, little girl. I was sold to an evil man when I were not much older than you. ’ Cassy looked up into the raddled face of the woman, who might have been any age from sixteen to thirty. Tears had made runnels in the paint on her face and her eyes were red-rimmed. Cassy said nothing and the woman clutched her babies to her breast.

Bailey might not be her blood brother but he was something more to her; he was her whole family and she loved him dearly. He set her down at the top of the steps leading into Three Herring Court. ‘Best not look too happy when we go inside,’ he said, setting his cap straight. ’ ‘I’m ten, I ain’t daft,’ Cassy said, tucking what was left of her treat inside her ragged blouse. ’ Bailey took her by the hand as they negotiated the slippery stone steps that were treacherous even in summer, worn down in the middle by the passage of feet over two hundred years or more.

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