A Myofascial Approach to Thai Massage: East meets West by Howard Evans

By Howard Evans

In A Myofascial method of Thai therapeutic massage, the writer takes a considerably various method of Thai therapeutic massage by means of redefining the sen traces in myofascial phrases. He presents a coherent procedure illustrating the functionality and advantages of Thai therapeutic massage via its activities at the myofascial community, lymph and blood stream. moreover, the writer questions a number of the extra doubtful strikes in Thai therapeutic massage; seems to be on the ‘spiritual’ features of Thai therapeutic massage when it comes to presence, awareness and the therapist/client dating; takes a different view of Thai therapeutic massage and opens the way in which for extra exploration of therapeutic massage within the myofascial box; and comprises a few examples of operating with consumers to demonstrate the subjects. even though in particular approximately Thai therapeutic massage, content material covers many features of the therapist/patient dating – good explored in psychotherapy yet strangely little coated in therapeutic massage courses.

  • To help the therapist:
    • the publication comprises references to anatomy, body structure and healing methods resembling neuromuscular strategy and covers therapeutic massage and leisure and the suggestions and dating abilities that make reliable massage.
    • the writer has distilled the recommendations, discarded what he considers harmful or nerve-racking for the sufferer and targeting figuring out the concepts and methods of operating essential to advertise entire rest for the client.

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Ironically, in this may lie its strength. Freed from the weight of a substantial theoretical foundation and from the rigour to be expected of a medical system it nevertheless stands its ground as an excellent massage technique. In the following chapter we will seek to understand why. References Clifford T (1989) The Diamond Healing, p. 68. Crucible: Wellingborough, UK. Feuerstein G (1990) Yoga, The Technology of Ecstacy. Crucible: Wellingborough, UK. Iyengar BKS (1984) Light on Yoga. Unwin: London.

26). Fascia (or, more correctly, connective tissue) does indeed have some special qualities. The first is that it provides a physical means of 31 32 A Myofascial Approach to Thai Massage communication from the outside of the body to the heart of every cell and from the heart of every cell to the heart of every other cell. Each individual cell contains a cytoskeleton that provides a framework of support, structure and communication for the various cellular and nuclear elements within. Proteins called integrins reach out from the cytoskeleton, across the cell surface to the surrounding connective tis­ sue matrix.

Perichondrium (membrane around cartilage). Periosteum (membrane around bone). Joint capsules. Dura mater. Membrane capsules around kidneys, liver, testes, lymph nodes. Heart valves. Fasciae Elastic Ground substance with freely branching elastin fibres Fibroblasts present in space between fibres Allows stretching in some organs Lung tissues, trachea and bronchial tubes. Walls of elastic arteries. True vocal cords. Suspensory ligament of penis. Ligamenta flava of vertebrae Tendons Attach muscle to bone Ligaments Attach bone to bone Aponeuroses Sheet-like tendons attach muscle to muscle or muscle to bone There are two general types of connective tissues, loose and dense.

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