A New American Acupuncture: Acupuncture Osteopathy - The by Mark Seem

By Mark Seem

This booklet represents the fruit of decades of study into using acupuncture as a device for freeing keeping styles within the bodymind in order to fix functional/structural stability and to alleviate power ache. Dr. look stocks his medical event of the way and why this kind of acupuncture works and offers particular protocols to be used within the medical institution. This ebook is a priceless reference textual content for someone whose perform focuses in general on acupuncture.

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Dr. Xi stresses palpation of the body surface, especially for sensitive and painful points from among the front mu, back shu, and Hua Tuo jia ji . In terms of myofascial anatomy, this means one should search for tender points in the rectus abdominis, erector spinae, and multifidi muscles respectively. He also searches for abnormal manifestations or pain in the following major groups of distal acupuncture points: yuan source points, xi cleft points, and luo connecting points, all of which are on the extremities.

Van Nghi, on the other hand, has interpreted this same principle solely in the context of tendinomuscular treatment. He labels the tendinomuscular meridians yang and the regular meridians yin. He then concludes from the above principle that if yang, the tendmomuscular meridian in his interpretation, is excess, then yin, the corresponding regular meridian, must be deficient or tending toward deficiency. He thus advocates dispersing the local tender points along the tendinomuscular meridian pathway involved with superficial needling, while tonifying the tonification point of the regular meridian.

10, this should be read to mean the tender or tight point closest to that actual textbook point. He stresses that reactive points are more effective in general and particularly when performing symptomatic treatment. He also adds that indurations or tight, hard constrictions in the tissue always indicate a more chronic reaction than simple tenderness. And he finds that tight areas on the abdomen can be relieved more quickly than similar constriction on the back where more repeated treatments and direct moxibustion prove especially useful.

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