A Writer's Coach: The Complete Guide to Writing Strategies by Jack R. Hart

By Jack R. Hart

Mystified over lost modifiers? In a trance from intransitive verbs? Paralyzed from utilizing the passive voice? to assist writers, from novices to execs, mythical writing trainer Jack Hart offers a finished, useful, step by step method of the writing method. He stocks his ideas for composing and maintaining robust writing and demonstrates how you can triumph over the commonest stumbling blocks similar to procrastination, writer’s block, and over the top sharpening. With instructive examples and excerpts from awesome writing to supply notion, A Writer’s Coach is a boon to writers, editors, academics, and students.

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Writers who don't share Rich's commitment to rock-solid information gathering invite serious trouble. Remember: Any problem that occurs at one stage of the writing process shows up in the stage that immediately follows. Poor information gathering shows up first during the organizational stage. If you're having a problem making sense out of the hodgepodge of notes, documents, and secondary sources heaped on your desk, then you probably didn't take good aim before you collected them. If you're going to gather the right information in a reasonable amount of time, you need to 29 A WRITER'S COACH start with a testable hypothesis.

He must build the entire frame and then go back and put the finishing touches on each section. " Unfortunately, lots of pressures encourage the one-side-at-a-time approach. We journalists are urged to watch ourselves at every step of the draft, guarding against factual errors, misquotes, and libel. A Wall Street analyst will be mindful of SEC regulations. A cookbook author will worry about poisoning her readers. But some writers manage to push all these gremlins to the side. They draft easily, naturally, armored against anxiety-producing distractions with tactics that keep them moving ahead along the paths they have set for themselves.

Somewhere along the way the perfect opener will occur to you, painlessly. Sub it in for the theme statement then. "—and a word or phrase that answers it with a direct object. " The beauty of a theme statement built around a transitive verb is that it contains an assertion about reality that can anchor your writing project. Transitive verbs require the "A causes B" brand of thinking that characterizes a true hypothesis. " The form of your theme statement is less important than the fact that you write one, something I'm religious about in my own work.

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