Adamantine Arrow (Mage: the Awakening) by Jackie Cassada, Rick Chillot, Stephen DiPesa, Matthew

By Jackie Cassada, Rick Chillot, Stephen DiPesa, Matthew McFarland, John Newman, Malcolm Sheppard

The fourth of the five order books for Mage

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For the Arrow, terrorism and glorified uncontrolled destruction dishonor the concept of war and go against the natural order. Recent situations in the Middle East and Africa and the spread of global terrorism to countries where the concept had heretofore been only a word have caused the Arrow to consider carefully before joining in any battles on either side. One exception, however, dictates that whenever the Arrow sees evidence of one of the heretical Free Companies, the order will take every opportunity to negate the influence of the Free Company and either capture or neutralize the errant mercenary mages.

As it is, the order contents itself with a moderate level of infiltration so that the mages can be aware of the latest developments. More than one cabal has split apart because of partisan loyalties in this area of religious conflict and ancient rivalries. In the deserts of Arabia, the order maintains an oasis retreat where it breeds horses of Arabian and Berber stock and trains mages in ancient forms of mounted ranged combat. The former Soviet Union kept a strong military, and the order in that part of the world took advantage of the military’s presence for the order’s own covert training, though the perils of discovery were terrible to contemplate.

Time and time again, the mages of the Adamantine Arrow involved themselves in the process of acting as defenders, either against the enemies of the Sleeper lords they chose to serve or against the Seers of the Throne or the Banishers who had targeted Atlantean mages for destruction or conversion. When the first stirrings of the Renaissance began its transformatory powers in Europe, changing a feudal society into one that was largely mercantile and bringing forth a blossoming of the individual apart from the group, the Arrow mages took a keen interest in certain aspects of the new movements.

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