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It correlates with the kidney. If the ch'i is harmonious, the kidney becomes strong; if the exercise is done incorrectly, the kidney will become weak. Ending peng, after going only one way, you are anchored on your right foot, your left foot on its toes and your left fist forward. As you turn leftward toward the opposite direction, simultaneously 30 swing your left fist circularly and raise your right arm; twist your left fist, palm up, out from under your chin straight ahead of your 31 nose as your left foot goes forward.

This is the tradition and philosophy. In real combat, of course, other counters than these may be used. These counters can be arranged in various combinations. Sun Lu-tang's are as follows. 139 You are both in san t'i, each with your left foot forward. He 140 takes a short step forward with his left foot and uses right peng. 58 THE FIVE BASIC ACTIONS Grasp his right wrist with your left hand. He takes another half step forward with his left foot and uses left peng. Toe out your left foot, twist your left hand under his, grab his wrist, and step forward a full step with your right foot and strike with right p'i.

More than this, at first blush it is difficult to see how it could be effective. But it can be and is. Its effect depends in large part on the element of surprise; the striking arm is carried away from the normal power source, apparently sacrificing leverage and momentum. In reality it is simply a circling strike of considerable momentum but one that approaches the opponent from a quarter he does not expect. As your opponent strikes with his right fist (figure 134-), step 134 forward with your left foot, deflect and grab his right arm from the inside with your left hand, pulling it toward your left shoulder.

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