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Are interested in how things look.  Must see things to understand them.  Like visually-based feedback.  Use gestures that may be high & quick. 6 Auditory Representational System Those with a preference for an auditory representational system tend to prefer to translate communication into sound. Indications that you have someone who prefers this system are that they:  Will move their eyes sideways.  Breathe from the middle of their chest.  Typically talk to themselves and some even move their lips when they talk to themselves.

When you are in a situation where you want to convey your support of another person, you can intentionally mirror their body language. If you are standing in the hallway and they lean to one side, mirror their action. If they sit back and relax, do the same. You are sending subconscious signals that you are on their side, even if the topic that you are discussing is one where there may be disagreement. It reaffirms that you are part of the same team, no matter what else might be going on. You can also use this tool to gauge whether or not others are buying what you are saying.

Are easily distracted by noise.  Can repeat things back to you easily.  Learn by listening.  Usually like music and talking on the phone.  Memorize by steps, procedures, and sequences.  Like to be TOLD how they’re doing.  Respond to a certain tone of voice or set of words.  Will be interested in what you have to say about a topic.  Are medium to fast talkers.  Translate conversation to sounds associated with the topic.  Are excellent at repeating back instructions. 7 Kinaesthetic Representational System Those that prefer a kinaesthetic representational system check the input they receive in communication against what they are feeling.

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