Advances in Liquid Crystals by Jagdish K. Vij

By Jagdish K. Vij

Prigogine and Rice's hugely acclaimed sequence, Advances in Chemical Physics, presents a discussion board for serious, authoritative studies of present subject matters in each region of chemical physics. Edited through J.K. Vij, this quantity makes a speciality of contemporary advances in liquid crystals with major, up to date chapters authored by means of the world over famous researchers within the box.

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The relative concentrations of macroesters and macroion-pairs in solvents of very different polarity, namely CCl4, CH2Cl2 and CH3NO2, vary dramatically. There are almost no ions in CCl4, and almost no covalent species in CH3NO2. The covalent bond formation has important consequences due to the very low reactivity of the resultant macroester species. 29). If the proportions of ionic and covalent species are known (for example, from 1H NMR measurements [128]), then kpc may be determined from one kinetic run.

26 [100]) for a given mechanism and structure of active centers should assume values assuring operable polymerization times at a given temperature. 26) where kb, h, ∆H p≠ , ∆Sp≠ denote the Boltzman constant, Planck constant, enthalpy and entropy of activation, respectively. 1, the fulfillment of thermodynamic requirements is a necessary – but not sufficient – prerequisite for a polymerization to occur. 2 Comparison of cationic and anionic propagation pathways in the ROP of heterocyclic monomers. pathway, a cationic process provides poly(THF) readily, at least at temperatures below Tc [3].

24 and characteristic of the most probable molar mass distribution. 7 illustrates the dependence of Mw/Mn determined for LA polymerization initiated with Sn(II) alkoxide [98]. It is remarkable that a Mw/Mn ratio of approximately 80% for LA conversion does not differ much from that expected for a Poisson distribution. Finally, the same system, when nearing the thermodynamically controlled region, the Mw/Mn is approaching ≈ 2. 7 Dependence of dispersity indexes (Mw/Mn) of poly(L-lactide) on the degree of monomer conversion.

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