African Holistic Health by Llaila Afrika

By Llaila Afrika

African holistic overall healthiness addresses wellbeing and fitness matters from a complete african -centered offers a whole advisor to natural treatments in addition to homeopathic sickness treatments.what makes afrikan holistic overall healthiness actually specific is the study dr. afrika has supplied at the physiological and mental ameliorations among humans of african descent verses humans of eu descent.

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This decreases oxygen to the brain and nerves and may cause fatigue and a vague sense offear. The bodily fluids accumulate too much waste, stressing the kidney, liver and heart. , daily. 1,000-2,000 mg. Capsules 20,000 IU, twice Aids healing. R' Spinach ' daily for 1 month, dropping to 15,000 IU. , dally in divided doses. 400 IU and up, twice daily. 3 times dally, as directed. 2 tablets with meals. , 3 times daily. HOMEOPATHIC closed Fracture ArnicaS 2 gr.. avery 2 days. Helps stabilize tissue.

2 tablets with meal, Vitamin B Complex Take 3 times daily. Vitamin Be Vitamin B'2 2-200 mg. 1,000mcg. Phenylalanine (DLPA) BAD BREATH Aids in healing, Aids in healing. Enhances Calcium uptake. Horsetail is a good source of Silicon. Helps Calcium absorption. Enhances calcium uptake. Vital in bone and tissue repair. Helps with digestion and relieves muscles. Helps the repair of tissues. Relieves tension in the back (HALITOSIS) Bad Breath is the foul fumes from rotten food in the digestive tract caused by constipation.

Not healing. fluid oozing out. Hfluid oozing out, has Ioul smell. BREAST CANCER . Jk ducts lymph vessels and lobes, The breast glands contaUlS fa~ tiSSU;'i:rcoastai muscles of the ribs. , rheuma­ breasts are subject to the same d~seas)s d hardening of the arteries. a~lc~se tha:blood such as waste and cancer. r1tlesal~e and become inflamed and/or develop Breasts can get Impacted WIth w s l' nt tumors of the breast are a 11 tu s Cancerous rna 19na b cysts as we as mor. b t l that does not move freely may e canleading cause ofdeath.

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