An Introduction to Biochemistry by William Robert Fearon (Auth.)

By William Robert Fearon (Auth.)

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A group of organisms that obtain energy by the oxidation of H2S into H 2 S0 4 , by means of a chain of reactions. Some occur in soil, and may account for the conversion of unavail­ able sulphur into forms assimilable by higher plants. The biochemistry of the sulphur bacteria has been reviewed by Bunker (1936). BIOLOGICAL ELEMENTS Grò p ν ι ι . ' 35 (Manganese. ( Halogens : Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine. n. w. 54-93. Present in all plants, the values ranging from less than 1 mg. up to about 200 mg.

N. w. 58-97. n. w. 58-68. These closely related metals are widely distributed microconstituents of plants and animals, reported values ranging from 0-002 to 2 parts per million fresh tissue (Bertrand). In plants, Ni occurs chiefly in the leaf, ranging from 1-51 mg. per kg. dry material in lettuce to 3-3 mg. in cabbage. Both metals were found in many of the marine organisms examined by Fox and Ramage, although neither Co nor Ni has yet been detected in sea water. Bertrand claims that both Co and Ni are normal constituents of the pancreas, and necessary for its functioning.

Expressed as H 2 S0 4 . —Salts of H 2 S0 4 and alkaline metals, found in almost all plant and animal tissues. They are a form in which sulphur is distributed and excreted. —H2S and alkaline sulphides are products of bacterial metabolism, and may arise in the alimentary tract of the higher animal. They are readily oxidised to sulphates after absorption. —Esters of phenols, cresols, indoxyl, and other alcohols. They appear as detoxication products in mammalian urine. Taurine occurs in bile acid.

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